Kids Monologues

Kids monologues can be a lot of fun! When choosing monologues for kids look for something that your child really relates to. It could be something about school or some sort of hobby that your child likes. It could be about a dream he or she has to become a pilot or a professional athlete. It could be about something the teacher said that was interesting or it could be about a trip to the dentist. It could also be about something that tickles your child’s funny bone. Kids are sponges and often lap up material quickly, especially if it is a piece they really enjoy performing. It is a good idea to have at least two to three contrasting monologues prepared at all times.

Good kids monologues will captivate their imaginations and give them an opportunity to show a range of emotions such as excitement, surprise, sadness or joy. Monologues for kids are similar to those for adults in that they must captivate the audience and show the talent and ability of the child performing. It is not enough to simply memorize a monologue and say it from rote. A child needs to “own” his or her monologue. It should appear fresh and exciting every time it is delivered. It should be convincing and feel natural.

It is a very good idea to have the child work with a coach to ensure they understand the material. All too often, we as adults assume a child understands what he or she is reading, when in reality, there are words or phrases that may be misunderstood or not understood at all. A good coach will break down a piece beat by beat and ensure that the child actor is getting the most out of the material. They will also help the child actor to learn how to deliver a solid performance every time they use the monologue. The most important thing is for the child actor to enjoy performing! Help him or her choose kids monologues that stimulate their creativity and bring the joy of acting alive!

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